Kava Clubs and Black Fowls

‘Boy meets girl’ happens all over the world, but in some cultures, a ‘Black Fowl’ or close friend is needed to move things along. In Tonga, the Black Fowl entertains the parents with a kava ceremony while the boy and girl have some time to get to know each other.

Staff pick by Nina Tonga, Curator Pacific Cultures

Why picked? My staff pick is this video about kava clubs and Black Fowls. Kava is consumed around the Pacific for ceremonial and recreational purposes and is even used by high profile athletes for post-match recovery. This video highlights one of its important uses in Tongan courtship… I wonder how many Tongans have kava to thank for bringing them together?

Tales from Te Papa is a fascinating series of mini-documentaries showcasing many of the exciting, wonderful and significant objects held in our national museum.

Tales from Te Papa was commissioned by TVNZ 7, in partnership with Te Papa.

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